Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wild and Crazy Sass

Oh Sass,

Where do I begin? You are the silliest, most outgoing, loud and funniest little girl I know. You are so full of life and love, and I am so blessed that you are my child. You always make me laugh, and I love how loving you are as well. You are very inquisitive, always on a quest of what you can get into and do. And then, if you think you will get into trouble, you will hide whatever it is you did. I sometimes find crackers and food and weird objects in off the wall places. I wish for a day I could be inside your head to hear how you think. It would be a day to remember for sure.

I made you a sand box for the deck for the summer, and you just love playing out there. It will keep you busy for hours, that and your other box of water. You have your little sand toys and you are all set. Your other favorite thing to do is go down to the pool. You'd go there everyday and stay there all day if I'd let you. You also want to always take a bath as well, you are a definite water baby.

You have been cracking me up lately because of your new favorite commercial. It's the state farm one, called State of Unrest. The guy is on the phone with his agent and his wife comes down stairs and demands to know who he is talking to at 3 in the morning. He tells her its, "Jake from State Farm" and she grabs the phone and asks, "What are you wearing, Jake from State farm?" and he replies, "Uhhh Khakis.." and she says to her husband, "She sounds hideous." And the husband replies, "Well, she's a guy..so....". And you find this commercial just SO funny and you watch it a lot on youtube and you recite the lines from both people a lot. You also like to put in your own words, though when you do the actual rendition, you do it almost flawlessly. You even have their inflections they use. You are a pretty funny girl. I could see you being a great actor and performer for sure.

We went to the community pool dance party on Saturday and you had a blast. It mixed your two favorite things, swimming and dancing to music. You would go dance with the other kids and adults and you'd also dance while in the pool. You are a really good dancer too, you have rhythm as well. You don't just jump around like a lot of little kids do.

You have really been into yogurt lately. I think you have like 3 or 4 of those sticks a day! (the gogurt packets). I suppose you could be eating junk that often, so I am really not complaining, but man, you LOVE that stuff. That and cheese. You always loved cheese though, ever since you were a baby.

I love you my baby girl, you are very special to me and I love every minute I am blessed to spend with you. I hope I do well by you and you grow up to be a fantastic little lady!

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