Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Sprout

My sweetest baby girl Sprout,

You are a year old already, I have no idea where the time has gone, but it did and you are this walking, talking, learning something new every day little toddler. Your babyish ways seemed to disappear over night, though I can remember those very long nights when I had to hold you so close the whole night, so that you could sleep well. You were a very attached baby, I held you all day long, funny.....that part hasn't changed. You are the snuggliest baby, you always want to be in my arms, and then you lie that precious head of yours down on my shoulder, or chest, or anywhere. You will walk up to me and place your head on my leg if I am sitting on the couch, you are very lovable and affectionate.

You are starting to give your sweet open mouth kisses, you love to plant them on Sissy's nose as well. You love her so much. You guys will get into these screaming and running games, older Sis will start it of course, but you love to just jump in and have a blast with your best friend. You are learning so much on a daily basis, and it's hard for me to keep up. You have me in awe every day, and I love you so much.

You are really liking signing. You can sign, mom, dad, dog, milk, all done, and ball. You are also saying some words. Mama, Dada, dog, doggie (which sounds more like goggie), ball, good, (you say this when you are done eating or drinking something), wow, ut oh, ball, and a ton of baby babble.

You can drink out of sippies well, have been for a while, but now you can tip them up. You have a little spot on the floor you like to drink your milk. You will chase me into the kitchen, and I will hand you your milk, you will take it to that little spot, lie down and drink it. You are too cute for words.

Your laugh is infectious, those dimples are just out of this world and everyone has to stop and talk to you because of how cute you are. However, this also sends you into a crazy screaming fit, especially if I am not holding you at the time. As of right now, you really don't like to be around other people. I call you my little chimp because I am always holding you, and you grip on and hang there, kinda like a chimp with his mama. I even have to carry you in the stores when shopping. I hold you in one arm, and push the cart or stroller with your big sis with the other. I am getting pretty strong I must say. You are still very content in the moby wrap, and in the hold meant for newborns, because you love to be snuggled up with mommy. You also like to tuck your little arms in too, you are the sweetest baby.

You have been figuring out your toys, especially your gumball machine. You can put your balls in the top, hit the lever to let them come down, then you open the door and pull them out and repeat. Only took you like a day to master this, you catch on pretty fast. We used to shut the kitchen swinging door to keep you out of the kitchen, that is now no match for you either, as you can push it right open and go through. You also shut it when someone comes after you, you believe this will stop us. :)

You still only have your two bottom teeth, and you have the cutest smile, though I think very soon your top teeth will be poking through. I can't wait to see how you look with more teeth, though this two teeth stage is pretty cute!

Your favorite toys are any types of balls. You really like your weebles as well. You are a very active toddler (that sounds so weird to type....) and you love to go go go and do do do. You are even dancing when you hear music, you and Sissy will have the funnest time dancing when you are older. All of us will, since I think you two got your love for dance from me. All three of us dance during our days, to any types of music. I believe dancing is good for the soul.

Well my precious baby girl, I will stop for now. But I hope that you know I love you more than words can explain, and I hope I do right by you. You will always be my little girl.

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